workplace wellness

and WAVEiii

some facts about wellness in the workplace


A single approach to wellness is not enough.

  • Most companies offer multiple choices to employees: gym memberships, health discounts & incentives.
  • All employees are not the same. People have preference and respond to different options.


WAVEiii is a low-cost option that has proven wide appeal.


Low participation rates can be a challenge to many workplace wellness programs. Studies have revealed that this is largely due to 2 factors:

  • A lack of available time
  • A missing critical component: fun.


A large time commitment is not required.

Participation in a WAVEiii event can be as intense or as casual as players want. With so many actities to choose from players can tailor their experience to something that works best for them.

Feedback from players says WAVEiii = Fun.

A key contributor to the fun factor is the ability to create and name teams. Your employees are more creative (and funny) than you might think.


Budget and time constraints on the employer's side are factors that can prevent effective implementation of a workplace wellness initiative.


WAVEiii is designed to be light on corporate resources. Players manage their own results, create and build their own teams, and have their own personal reports.

Per employee costs are low compared to other options. See the Packages & Prices page for details.


Studies show that wellness programs do not always reach those employees most at risk. Initiatives attract the same employees time and again, and high-risk employees remain on the sidelines.


WAVEiii events are not just for athletes or the athletically inclined. Anyone can participate and contribute to team results or the overall event target.

Enabling everyone compete directly against more athletic-focused players opens up the event to high-risk employees.

Banner by Moose Allain. You can find him on Twitter at @MooseAllain or on his website at worldofmoose.com.