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Our name

It's pronounced "Wave three". To see how we got our name, check the 3 waves page


Prices for self-supported events are all on the Packages & Prices page, including per-player costs.

Events for 10 players or fewer are FREE. Per player costs can be as low as $0.60 per player depending on number of players or package selected.
Once your event is set up, your Event Coordinator will be able to pay online using PayPal or any credit card. Enterprise level events have the option to pay via direct bank transfer.
Payment for your event must be completed before Day 1. Until then players can sign up, edit their profiles and form teams but no results can be entered until payment is completed. Enterprise level events have more flexible payment terms.

event format

To set up your WAVEiii event you need to provide some basic information (a start date, your company or organization name, the name of the event and a few more important things). Once you submit your information your event is created immediately. You can begin promoting it, players can sign up and form teams right away.

We recommend a lead time of at least 2 weeks before the start of your event. That gives you time to promote it and get players on board.

Get Started! Create your event now >

This applies to self-supported events only. Information about Enterprise level events is on the Package & Prices page.
Players who are not elite athletes will typically average around 200kms (120 miles) over 30 days. Your mileage may vary depending on your workforce.

The event set-up form will help you select an appropriate distance for your event depending on how many players you expect to have.
Yes, many details of your self-supported event are customizable:
  • Your event name
  • A 'tagline' (an optional subtitle for your event that appears on the home page)
  • The URL of your corporate or organization website
  • The 'Learn More' section on the event home page is totally yours to complete however you wish
  • Corporate divisions, branches, or departments can be created or re-named according to your business structure
  • Your overall target distance
  • You can add or edit cities or countries if required
  • A custom 'news' banner is available for events at the 500 player level and above
Players with Fitbit devices and accounts can sync their daily step counts with their WAVEiii player account.

Players with Strava accounts can sync with WAVEiii and retrieve any activity recorded on Strava.
We do not. Integration with popular social media platforms is not part of the WAVEiii event experience due to concerns over privacy and personal information.

WAVEiii clients normally restrict access to players with corporate email accounts, so we do not enable social media logins for that reason as well.
While many clients restrict access to players with corporate email accounts, this may not be the best option for you.

You can open up your event to anyone if that's what you prefer.
WAVEiii events are designed to have low barriers to entry, so players do not require an app to take part.

Your event website is fully responsive and plays well on all screens sizes and devices.

duration + dates

Self-supported events are limited to a maximum of 30 days. Players will then have an additional 7 days to enter their results.

Enterprise-level events can be any duration you like, but 30 days is optimal.

Your event site will be available for 30 days after the event ends. That will give everyone time to review results, and will give the Event Coordinator time to download all event reports.
When you set up your WAVEiii event you must select a 'first day of the month' starting date. If you want to change it later you can, but we recommend starting your event on the first day of the month.
Yes. WAVEiii events often span multiple timezones. You can choose any timezone as the start/end timezone for your event.

The default timezone is UTC, sometimes known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


Reports for players:
  • daily personal results chart + table
  • standings for players, teams, cities, countries, divisions and branches
  • standings for swim, bike, run/walk, other activities
  • points standings (for events with weight loss or smoking cessation)
Reports for Event Coordinators:
  • 17 separate reports monitoring different performance, participation and demographic indicators.


All WAVEiii events remain online for 30 days after the final day. After that the event and all related data is deleted.

WAVEiii does not retain any data about individual participants. We do keep reports in aggregate though, to track information about our events and to plan for future product improvements.

WAVEiii will not share players' or corporate data with any 3rd party, ever.
We encourage all players to participate using real names, but the option is there to play under an alias.

Accounts must be created using a valid email address.
The '+Extras' package includes Flair (a way for players to send positive vibes to other players) and a Photo Gallery, which includes 'likes' and comments features.

See our Packages & Prices page for details.

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