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All quotes are from actual participants 2013-2022.

"Love this activity and keeping track keeps me focused."

Many a night I would walk the underground parking lot to get in my last steps to meet my goal!


It does amaze me how much we walk where before we just drove to the grocery store. I look forward to this event and would not miss it for anything! Just a great way to get rid of some of those winter blues….

Player, WinterActive 2022

"Merci!!! Bravo and many many thanks for your wonderful WinterActive program. You got us through January amidst a pandemic!!"

Please know how very much we appreciated your talents and enthusiasm. Fabulous program.

K.T. WinterActive 2021

"You made a major contribution to help us cope with COVID-19 both mentally and physically."

D.M. WinterActive 2021

"I got inspired and restarted walking daily and regularly"

I used to walk and jog almost daily up till sometime back. Then I stopped my regular exercise which caused gain of weight. It's a vicious circle that once you start gaining weight, you become lazy and lethargic, thus, abstaining from physical exercise.


With the launch of RATW, I got inspired and restarted walking daily and regularly.

Of course, this is a very healthy campaign which helped a person like me in reviving his old habits of rising early in the morning and going for a brisk walk.

Till the time of writing this note, I have walked 89 Kms and feel determined to set a good record.

Doubtlessly this gives the message to all employees that if they exhibit determination and will power they can succeed in attaining every target in professional as well as personal life.

M.S. Running Around the World

"a feeling of being part of something awesome"

When I first saw the 40,000 kms target I kind of felt it was impossible and therefore signed up so that I could contribute a bit and help a noble cause. I did not want a good intention to meet a sad end. Little did I think of how many people would be participating or of how seriously a simple initiative like RATW would change me.


I used to walk but RATW gave my walking a new meaning. The mere idea of contributing to a list of people who'd walk around the world, motivated me to become more consistent, to push myself, to be disciplined. I keenly look forward to the next morning. I am a flat-footed person who finds it difficult to run or walk and yet I've been emotionally engaged to an extent where I have found a way to overcome my limitation. I got myself new tools (a pair of high performance shoes). I did not wait for the office to provide me these resources or to help me overcome my limitation.

And why do I push myself harder? Do I want to be at the top of the list? Not really. Somehow I just want to contribute and in the list of those who contribute towards this initiative. My colleagues around the world who I don't even know of, motivate me to contribute.

This is perhaps the learning for me. Can we make employees feel this way about work and business objectives? How can we design initiatives which motivate, push and discipline employees to love the feeling of contributing or becoming consistent and disciplined? What kind of an initiative will make employees find their own tools and overcome their limitations (like my shoes)? Can there be a way of sharing performances or best practices which motivate us (like my fellow athletes)? Can we find simple initiatives and ways of working which give our work new meaning? The RATW standings what a wonderful way to recognize the contributions people are making. There is no monetary reward attached just a feeling of being part of something awesome.

I am the part of a team called "Old Men Walking". We've all started walking some of us are more serious than the others but it doesn't matter how much who walked, ran or cycled we all pitched in without wondering if everyone was contributing equally - a higher position everyday is what counts. We're not competing. We're just happy to contribute. We ask each other about how we did, how much distance we covered. RATW has given us a reason to care about each other. To tell each other not to damage our muscles, to wish each other well and to motivate each other.

Look at the length of my answer here I sit on my couch on a Sunday night, keenly looking forward to walking tomorrow morning and testing out my new GPS based pedometer. Are you seriously waiting to hear from me on whether RATW is fun, interesting or healthy? For whoever came up with this idea thank you. I wish I could think of a life-changing idea as simple, powerful and wonderful.

B.R. Running Around the World

"reporting the results motivated me to push harder and to work out more often"

I have to say thank you for all the team involved in the organization of this event! I had a really great time reporting my work out..


I go to the gym regularly (two or three times a week) and I have to confess, reporting the results motivated me to push harder and to work out more often (almost everyday). it improved my discipline and dedication.

It's well known that something that you do everyday for a month, becomes a habit. Thanks to this event, I now have a new habit!!!

I feel better, healthier and I realized that there's room for improvement, I want more and more.

Thank you so much!!! It was a great experience.


"...my triglyceride lowered by 73% and my cholesterol lowered by 29%, getting the levels within normal"

At the end of February I did some blood tests and had cholesterol and triglycerides with very high levels. The doctor asked to do enough exercises to lower those levels.


I started my training and soon after started "Kemira Global Challenge", which encouraged me to intensify my training - running, gym and mainly Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a result, last week I did the blood tests again and my triglyceride lowered by 73% and my cholesterol lowered by 29%, getting the levels within normal. I'm very happy with these results.


"the motivation I needed to go back running"

I confess I've been quite lazy this past year after I've injured my ankle last May, and this Global Challenge was the motivation I needed to go back running. It has spiced up rivalry in SP office, in a positive and funny way.




Partner since 2013

A global corporation with a history dating to the 1600s.

Employees: ~50,000


Partner since 2018

A global special chemicals leader with operations in more than 80 countries.

Employees: 10,000+



Partner since 2018

A global company with many business lines.

Employees: 4700+


Partner since 2021

Founded in 1847 and now operating worldwide, Siemens is a technology company focused on industry, infrastructure, mobility, and healthcare.

Employees: 293,000


Partner since 2021

The Trench and HSP Group is a world leader in power engineering and the design of specialized high voltage electrical products serving customers in the utility and industrial markets around the globe.

Employees: ~600


Partner since 2021

A world leader in urban design and architecture with offices across Canada.

"As architects, designers, and planners, we champion people and apply design solutions that improve lives and create a deeper connection between people and place."

Employees: 250


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