event timeline

A typical WAVEiii event timeline

Before your event begins

1 Sign Up

Provide your event info and create your WAVEiii event site.

Your site is ready immediately.

Event Coordinator can customize the site (see FAQs).

Payment can be made any time before Day 1.

2 Promote your event

Let your people know about the upcoming event using your own internal communications channels:

  • email
  • newsletter
  • intranet

We recommend starting promotions 60 to 90 days in advance of Day 1 if possible.

3 Day -30

30 days before Day 1, your WAVEiii event site opens for registration. Players can

  • create their profile
  • create teams
  • invite players to join their team

Results cannot be entered yet.

During and after your event

4 Day 1

Your WAVEiii event site opens for competition. Players can now enter their results.

Your site includes:

  • 15 different standings views
  • Detailed player pages
  • Detailed team pages
  • Maps, charts and tables
  • Reports and event management tools for Event Coordinators

Check out our demonstration site.

5 Day 30

Final day of the event.

Players have another 7 days to finish entering their results.

Only results from the 30 day event time period can be added.

6 Day 30-60

Your WAVEiii event site remains open, but closed to further updates once the 7 day grace period is over.

  • Players can visit to check results
  • Event Coordinator can download reports for analysis
  • An opportunity to post messages, thanks, awards etc

30 days after the end of your event, the site is closed and all information deleted.

Enterprise level sites can remain open for up to 1 year.

Banner by Moose Allain. You can find him on Twitter at @MooseAllain or on his website at worldofmoose.com.