Privacy Information

What happens to the data you provide?

Data Collected

The following information is collected by WAVEiii for all players for the purpose of managing a single online event:

  • Name
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Location (city, country)
  • Email address
  • Division, branch, department, or whatever your organization calls its main business units.
  • A password
  • The results you enter as part of the event

Some of this data may be used by the Event Coordinator, an individual designated by your organization to be responsible for the operation of the event and communicating directly with participants where necessary.

This information is kept for the duration of your event and for 60 days afterwards. After 60 days all data, including your results and any personal information (name & email address), is deleted.

WAVEiii will not share, sell or otherwise provide your information to any third party.

All players are free to share results on social media, but WAVEiii does not integrate social media account info (Facebook, LinkedIn and others) into its events.

Your Data

You may delete your account and all data within it any time.

You may request a record of all of your event data by contacting WAVEiii.


Passwords are encrypted when stored and during transmission. You should however use a password that you do not use for any other purpose, especially one you use for securing personal or sensitive information.


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