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Safety comes first at W3 Demo, and you must not physically exert yourself to the point of injury, illness, accident or exhaustion. This is a completely voluntary program to join in your free time. You will not be covered by W3 Demo insurance for any incidents and enter the W3 Demo at your own risk.

I certify that I am in normal health and capable of safe participation in the program. I assume all risk(s) and hazards incidental to the conduct of the W3 Demo. I waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against the organizers and their representative for any and all injuries which may be suffered by me in connection with my participation in the W3 Demo.

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Name City Miles Kms Steps
1 Marlene C Logan 627.49 1009.84 1,346,117
2 David B Johannesburg 593.81 955.65 1,273,881
3 James R Melbourne 566.06 910.98 1,214,336
4 Gabrielle F Logan 560.91 902.70 1,203,299
5 Robert G Auckland 544.87 876.89 1,168,894
6 Steve N Ottawa 543.02 873.91 1,164,922
7 Elaine P Karachi 507.71 817.08 1,089,168
8 Katherine R Toronto 495.25 797.03 1,062,441
9 Bob M Scarborough 493.47 794.17 1,058,629
10 Judith M Cape Town 481.32 774.61 1,032,555

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Official Event Date & Time: 1.6.2023 / 15:56

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All Activities

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