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Event Coordinator

This should be YOU. We will be sending information to you at the email address you provide. If you don't want to be the event coordinator you can change this later by assigning it to someone else.

We will send a confirmation email to this address. Please make sure it is correct!

Player Emails

Will all players use the same email format?

For example if all players' email addresses end with @companyname.com.

Yes, all players will have the same email format

No, players will have different email formats.
If you answered 'yes' above, Enter the domain name for player email addresses (everything that comes after the '@' sign)

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Event information and price

Size: what is the maximum number of players in your event?

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Event name

Choose a name for your event. Shorter is better. The event name cannot be changed once set.
A tagline is a short phrase that goes with your event name. You can add or change this later if you like.


What will be the total distance your event will attempt to reach over the 30 days?

Pro Tip: The average player will log around 200 kms (120 miles) in 30 days.

Start Date

The earliest start date is the first day of the next full month. We recommend you give yourself 30 days to promote your event and to allow players to sign up before it begins.

Your End Date will be the Start Date +29 days.

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